Thursday, 8 April 2010

Don't Cry...

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The book:

Tiny excerpt:

I had just published a book that was like a little box with monsters inside it. I had spent five dreary years writing it in a tiny apartment with a sink and a stove against one wall and a mattress against the other, building the box and its inhabitants out of words that ran, stumbled, posed and pirouetted across cheap notepaper like a swarm of hornets was after them. I neglected my family. I forgot how to talk to people. I paced the room while feverish tinny songs poured from a transistor radio with a broken antenna and fantasized about the social identity that might be mine if the book were to succeed.

Brilliant. Short. Story. Collection. I. Totally. Loved. It.

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Michelle said...

After reading such a glowing review how could I not add it to my list?

I love this, Annie:

"For me, this collection is what short fiction is about. It exposes truths about life, depravity, the body, human weakness in simply stated way. It takes us on a journey that is not predictable, but makes sense. It speaks to us, gives us some kind of understanding about life, the people around us, the struggles we have. It entices us to search for the illuminating moments in our own lives."