Saturday, 10 April 2010

Annie has been busy busy reviewing

Well, a little while ago I realised I had 12 books that I had promised reviews for. Bearing in mind I work full-time, have a life, and don't get paid for reviewing, I felt as though I had over-promised myself, and that even though I LOVE getting books for free, reading and reviewing, I needed to cut back.

So, a little while later, I have reviewed reviewed reviewed and only have two books left with reviews promised. How good am I. (Pats own back).

In actual fact, I've loved most of the books I've reviewed, and it has brought many new writers into my life, and it's been brilliant to have the chance to recommend them to other people.

And now, I want to get down to zero, so I can get MORE books to review, but perhaps this time, only one or two at a time, and not let them build up TUT TUT.

This was the latest book I read and reviewed...

Brilliant second novel from Megan Taylor, which I highly recommend. You can read my review of The Dawning at Bookmunch and I also had the pleasure of being able to ask questions in this special Megan Taylor interview: An extra intimacy. Have a read and leave us comments, it be good to hear what you think.

Soon, I can start to read some of the MANY books on my shelves that I have bought over past few years, and have been saving until I really need them. Books I was so excited about, but wanted to find the right time to read... or didn't have the time to read... or that have just sat there looking pretty for a long long time. It feels very exciting...


Megan said...

thank you so much Annie, especially for asking me questions which are still sticking beneath my skin

Michelle said...

Congratulations on The Dawning, Megan. I so enjoyed the interview, Annie.