Sunday, 18 April 2010

almost organic

It's been a tough week. I won't go into the details, but getting to the end of the week was a struggle, and my body has been saying 'time for a change, time for a change'.

I have consoled myself with my little seedlings which are coming along a treat. Some of my cabbages got munched by slugs, so I have resorted to slug pellets. I am in every other way organic, but bloody slugs are a law unto themselves, and eat everything in their path, and I didn't know any other way to stop them.

I figure that being almost organic is good enough. I'm only growing for me, so I'm happy with that. And I actually want to eat my own cabbages so need to keep the little blighters away. Although I have to say, one slug bought it yesterday and it was a bit messy. If anyone has any other ideas that are less gruesome for keeping slugs away, then please let me know.

I wonder whether I am going to face the same battles with other pests.

Here's where I am up to...

My netting is now covering cabbages to keep the birds away...

Potatoes in the ground... beetroot, parsnips (already starting to grow), chinese cabbage, summer cabbage.

The cold frame is bursting with seedlings, some ready to plant out...

This photo was two weeks ago actually, so it has come on loads...

I have sweetpeas and nasturtiums ready to plant out today, I'm going to grow them up a little wigwam of bamboo. Courgette, squash, sweetcorn, tomatoes, leeks, sunflowers are all growing, and I'm waiting on purple sprouting brocolli and french beans.

Yesterday I planted coriander seedlings given to me. I'm building a herb garden in old tyres, which is looking totally scruffy now, but I have a vision, and it will look amazing... I need to sow all my herb seeds soon... (photo soon)

And still more digging to do... If anyone with muscles wants to help me dig out a really deep rooted blackcurrant bush (that's more like a tree), then let me know. If anyone wants to donate me a lounger or a deck chair so I can sit on allotment and read my book, then please do, cos I'm sitting on a little tree stump, which is a bit uncomfortable... If anyone has any old tat that might be useful on an allotment (spare bricks, paving stones, plastic bottles, buckets, those huge bags that builders use to carry sand) then let me know, anything considered...

This blog is becoming more like an allotment blog, so I promise to write about books and writing next time....


Sharon Longworth said...

Hi Annie,
Just got home from a whole day on the allotment, aching all over from digging, weeding and planting, trying to keep paths clear and assembling strange netting cages to keep the birds off the gooseberries. It was great to come in and read your blog - and know I'm not suffering alone!!

Megan said...

Beer trap? Hair snippings??
(can you tell I really have no idea?)
Wishing you a happier week ahead Annie, with less slugs generally

Elizabeth Baines said...

We've tried so many things for slugs and none have really worked for us. Beer traps have just resulted in huge slugs drinking away and then crawling off again and it's only the little tiny ones that slip and get drowned. Gravel or crushed eggshells works a BIT, and we did have some success with putting rings of copper wire around the base of plants.

I'm surprised, though,that you have such a problem - I've found hardly any slugs this year after the hard winter, and for the first time in years my primroses are being allowed to flower - but I guess a veg garden's different.

Hope you're feeling a bit better this week.. x

annie clarkson said...

Thanks Sharon, it's really exhausting isn't it!

Not sure about hair snippings, Meg!

Elizabeth, oo thanks for the tips might try one or two, yes plenty of slugs still about, I think they are particularly hungry ones,

and feeling much better this week, thanks... no migraines! yay!

Michelle said...

I hope this week was much better, Annie, and that you have a splendid weekend ahead of you. x


Ground eggshells.
And even salt would be better than slug pellets, which kill the slugs slowly and poison birds or cats that eat them.

Disapprovingly - (though fondly) -