Friday, 30 April 2010

#4 Dear Lovely Blue Top that I bought yesterday

Dear Lovely Blue Top that I bought yesterday,

It has felt really nice wearing you today. You are such a gorgeous blue and I like the little crocheted bits that remind me of lace doilies. You fit me just right, so it has made me feel extra special, especially because you were a treat for finishing a very hard piece of work this week, and also you've taken my mind away from annoying things like bloody high street banks and internet scams. Hurray to you for being in the shop when I only popped in for five minutes before my appointment, hurray for being lovely, and for feeling so beautiful against my skin,

A x


Pam said...

Photo, Annie-it sounds lovely!

sonia said...

Brill that you grasped the moment and the top. I saw a beautiful vintage white dress with silver teardrops today but I let it go.

annie clarkson said...

go back and get it.......!