Saturday, 6 March 2010

A whole week to myself

After a very exhausting, busy, stressful week at work, I am SO pleased to tell you that I have a whole week's holiday. Actually it works out as nine days with the weekend, and being right at the beginning of a week off work is a wonderful thing.

So, what am I going to do with my time...

Well, I might go and see some films. It's the ¡Viva! Spanish and South American film festival in Manchester and I love Spanish film so I might go and watch films in the afternoon, or the evening, or anytime actually. Just cos I can.

I already went to the theatre. Last night me an my sister went to see The Dreadful Hours a very dark and funny play at the Studio at the Royal Exchange Theatre. It had two fabulous actors, who were incredibly physical in their performance, exploring the disintegration of a relationship. Quite brilliant. It was written by Chris Fittock, a writer I once did worked with on a collaborative writing project, and it was so lovely because I saw him after the play, for the first time in five years!

I plan to go and read a very dark and not very funny short story on Monday at Words on the Water Festival in Keswick, part of a whole day of wonderful poetry, short story and novel readings from Northwest writers... including Jenn Ashworth, Zoe Lambert and me. I can't to get up to Keswick and see my friend Geraldine and her dog Roy, and go for a lovely walk, and eat nice food, and chat and catch up. It's been a while since I saw her so as well as a lovely day of readings, I get to see my very lovely friend too.

Hm... I'm planning to sleep as much as I want, eat as much as I want, and lie about in my pyjamas watching sopranos eating mini creme eggs and drinking tea.

I hopefully might see my mum and dad, and a few friends. I might read the paper in a hippy cafe with a bookshop out the back, and meet a friend for cake and drink tea out of old mismatched teacup and saucers. I might write some letters, read some boks, write a book review, blog, tidy up the garden. Or I might not. I might go shopping and buy myself something nice.

And I certainly hope I'll be going doing a whole lot of this


commited to life said...

thats so good that u got a whole week off and u making the most of it
good luck

p.s was just passing by

Megan said...

Have a lovely, lovely week Annie

green ink said...

Sounds like great fun Annie - enjoy it :) x

sonia said...

have a fab week.x

Rachel Fox said...

Have a lovely time. And watch out for the boks. They sound like Star Wars baddies or something.