Friday, 12 March 2010


Thanks for

my allotment which helps my stress, gives me energy and sun, and reminds me of Grandad and Grandma C's garden all those years ago.

the photograph I still have of my grandad's first cauliflower that made everyone laugh because I missed most of the cauliflower off the pic

my muscles getting stronger

all the people down the allotment who are so lovely, Eric for the parsnips seeds he planted in my mini greenhouse, Alan for giving me some leeks, Carl for buying me lunch from the bakery, Carol for giving me tips about manure, Michael for lending me his cultivator...

the sun we've had this week that has made everything so much more enjoyable and brighter, and how warm it felt on my back while I was digging out weeds

the tree stump I found at the tip that makes a perfect seat

the two lovely ladies that stopped and talked to me through the fence and made me smile

the lovely red onion marmalade I bought in Booth's this week, that tastes delicious and made me want to learn to make it when my onions grow

my potatoes nicely chitting in the kitchen

the lavender that made me sleep for two hours one afternoon and helped me decide that some days I just need to rest

the jam pastie I made with leftover pastry that reminded me of the jam pasties Grandma used to make, rolling out her pastry using a milk bottle

memories of picking gooseberries, shelling peas, helping with the rake, and then lying in the sun outside with Grandad when he was tired


sonia said...

what a lovely photo! and such lovely memories from then and now.

Rachel Fox said...

Making me hungry!

Michelle said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder. You are very special, Annie Clarkson. x

Megan said...

Wonderful - thank you for sharing all this Annie

annie clarkson said...

Thank you, I love this photo, it means such a lot to me, it contains to many memories.
Thanks for your kind words, lovely people x