Saturday, 16 January 2010

* totally mushy blog alert *

This is a totally mushy blog. It contains sentimental stories, little 'in love' outpourings, and may cause slight sickness in those who are averse to people who talk about their pets.

Sissy has been lovely this winter. I think it's beause it's been so cold, and she refused to go out in the snow. I've been hibernating a bit, so we've been around the house together a lot.

Before she came to live here, I didn't realise how much I could love having a cat, how intelligent and funny they are. She is totally tuned in, manipulates, is affectionate, makes me laugh, plays games, and changes as she gets older. I wanted to just put down some of the things I love about her here (I know, pass the sick bucket... but all you cat haters out there, or cynics don't know what you're missing out on!)

* We have this game called Cha Cha Cha. I always know when she wants to play, because she has that crazy cat look in her eye, and she jumps around me a lot and tags me on the back of my legs with her paw. Cha Cha Cha involves me chasing Sissy around the house, saying cha cha cha in a very silly way. She runs around like a loon, and then hides somewhere (behind curtains, under the bed etc) and then I pretend to look for her saying 'where's my cat?' in an equally silly way, and she stays hidden for a while, and then pounces out, tags me on the legs and starts running around again. I explain it in a way like she made the game up not me, but it kind of evolved, and neither of us started it. It makes me laugh like mad, and she loves it!

* In the morning, she does a variety of different things. Stands over me like a statue waiting for me to wake up. Presses her paw against my eye or my mouth gently as though to say, come on wake up, now. Or pushes against my hand with her head in a way that means 'come on, I'm a cat, stroke me now or you die'. I'm not good in a morning, but I rarely feel cross with her. She goes crazy for being stroked in the morning. She stands on me while I'm lying in bed, and I stroke her, and she walks in little circles, pushing her head against my hand in a very militant way 'stroke me harder, bitch'. Then she collapses in sheer pleasure, and I stroke her belly (a very sacred place) or she curls up for a little sleep.

* She often nudges her way under the covers in the night, and curls up against my belly, or against the backs of my legs. She shuffles in really close, and sometimes I don't even realise she's there until I wake up.

* She loves books, and paper, and enjoys rolling around on them

* Last Saturday, I was reading in bed, and she curled up on my chest and tucked her head under my chin and we both had a doze. I woke up thinking, 'god this is heaven'.

* She chases the shadow of her tail in the kitchen, when the light is on, she can see her shadow and she goes in little crazy circles trying to catch the shadow of her tail. It's nuts, but SO cute.

* She loves 'helping' to make the bed...

* She lets me look after her really well. Sits on my knee when I give her flea/worm stuff, lets me clean the grub out of her eyes, and when she got an eye infection, let me clean her eyes and put drops in, she doesn't fuss. She's really good.

* She loves strawberry yoghurt and goes nuts if I let her lick the lid, or the empty pot (I know, I know, it's probably very bad for her)

* When I have a bath, she sits on the edge of the bath, fascinated. She hates water, but she likes looking at water, and sometimes dips her paws in the water and wahes them. She sometimes flicks water at me from her paws. But if I flick water at her, she's off like a rocket.

That will do, there are hundreds more things I love about her. And a few things that REALLY get on my nerves. But, this blog is mushy enough already, and I just wanted to share a bit of the love!!


Nik Perring said...

What a purrfect post :)

Megan said...

Aw Annie, you are completely soppy,but I utterly understand. My cat is a big old bastard and I not only love him to pieces, I wouldn't have him any other way

sonia said...

Brings back lovely memories of my cat. Love the way your blog subject matter is so unpredictable.

Tania Hershman said...

I love this blog post! Beautiful! And lovely pics of the lovely Sissy. Bizarrely, as I was reading your blog post, the local radio station had one of their jokey announcements which said: "Women and cats do what they place. Men and dogs just have to get used to it." Ain't that the truth! Our little cuties will be home in 5 weeks, yay.

annie clarkson said...

Ha! Glad I'm not the only one..!

Michelle said...

Annie, I'm allergic to cat fur and have been since I was a baby, but I do love them despite not being able to have one. This is a lovely post and Sissy is beautiful!

SallyF said...

Ahhhh. I remember the days you looked at me slightly oddly when I explained how it was with me and Jango. There's no going back now! xxx

susan stewart said...

A 'furrily' enjoyable post Annie!

green ink said...

If I weren't allergic to cats, I'd get one after reading this! She sounds lovely.


You're very sweet, Annie, and I love how well-observed your writing is here. I want to play cha cha cha (though I think I want to take the cat's role).
Your piece and two books are the best cat writing I've read: The House Guests by John D. MacDonald, which is a funny, anthropological study of two cats the author had for nearly 20 years, and Part 2 of Hemingway's Islands in the Stream where the main character has a sleepless night talking to his cat and scratching its head with his stubble. MacDonald also has a crime novel with a cat who can say its name (cos it's called Raoul).


Oh, sorry - Sissy's very sweet as well.