Saturday, 19 December 2009

shovelling shit in the snow...

It was freezing today. Minus 5, I believe. The farmer delivered this lovely steaming load of manure at 11am. He is 92, very doddery, and he reversed into the gates to the site (a regular occurence I'm told) and then dumped a big pile of horse muck in the snow.

I was very worried that I might have to shovel it on my own, because it was a very cold day for it, and there was nobody at the site when I got there, but hurray for three of my allotment neighbours, who knew I was getting a delivery, and came down to help.

I think I must be a bit mad shovelling manure into wheelbarrows and then pushing it across frozen ground to pile it on my plot, while snow was whirling around us. But, it was great. We had a laugh, and worked up a bit of a sweat, got covered in muck. The snow was beautiful, and I figured that I couldn't think of anything better to be doing right then.

I love the way people on the allotment help each other out, and that they turned up for me this morning, when it would have been much easier,warmer and comfortable to stay at home. It's the nearest I've got to a community for a very long time.

We made a big pot of tea (once we melted the frozen water in the kettle, as the taps were frozen), and ate chocolate cake. I felt better than I have all week.

Here's me, literally, covered in shit.


Megan said...

And look at you - you're glowing!!

sonia said...

Fantastic picture! You look so happy. And I feel the same way about my allotment.