Saturday, 12 December 2009

lovely day...

Lovely days are like this:

being woken up by little snuggly cat at a not too early hour

lazy breakfast

beautiful crisp cold day with a blue sky

helping wheelbarrow 2.7 tonnes of steaming horse manure on the allotments

followed by a well-earned strong pot of tea, shared in the allotment hut

a whole afternoon digging, composting, digging, more cups of tea, chatter

picking out a christmas tree at the community garden centre, and being invited to stand next to the metal fire bin, with its crackle of flames and beautiful smell of wood smoke

carrying a christmas tree on my shoulder so that I can smell pine needles

hot bath that felt like the best bath I ever had

decorating the tree with sparkly lights and baubles

lovely tangy bowl of tuna and vegetable pasta with cheese on top

phone call with mum and sister

little Sissy creeping under the blanket for a snooze while I watch Strictly

the anticipation of an early night, knowing that I have still have Sunday....



Megan said...

lovely. Hope your Sunday was just as rewarding

Anonymous said...

oh my god that sounds amazing you lucky thing x

Rachel Fox said...

We are such a Strictly house! And surrounded by the hordes of X Factor here in suburban hell...barbarians!

angel readman said...

annie- i love yr life, even with horse manure :)