Wednesday, 9 December 2009

higgledy piggledy blog

I am a little bit higgledy piggledy, so I think I will turn this blog into a list...

So, the reading at The Nook was great. I had an email from a very nice poet who said:
"Really enjoyed your set at The Nook on Saturday - thought the tension created in the room between the girl staying back after hours and the guy single-finger typing was exquisitely carved"

How lovely is that! I need to keep hold of positivity like this, as it is all too easy to forget otherwise...

I have a new review up at Bookmunch - Audrey Niffenegger's Her Fearful Symmetry, which I had mixed feelings about... it was a slow-starter for me, but I would be interested to hear what other people thought about it. I would describe it as having 'mainstream' appeal... Other reviewers seem to overwhelmingly agree that it is not as good as her first book, The Time Traveller's Wife...

The Allotment.
It has been a little waterlogged. But I've still managed to get down there on weekends and get a lot of work done. I have had various ongoing projects... digging out the masses of jerusalem artichokes next to the fence, and pulling bindweed from the fence. I seem to have cleared a big patch at the back of the plot next to the fence and have all kinds of ideas of what I want to grow there. I built a very ramshackle boxed flower bed and planted bulbs, including bright red tulips... I picked up two old windows, now leaning against the compost bin hoping I might make them into a cold frame. My onions and garlic are growing, they have little shoots poking out of the ground. Still a million jobs to be done, but it's great to get out there on the weekend and get dirty.

The people are great too... I took down some broth this Sunday to share with whoever was there, and heated it on the gas stove in the hut. One of the guys decided that I need to learn some self defence, so taught me what to do if someone tries to strangle me, grabs my wrists, or grabs me by my jacket. I would show you, but you could get hurt, you know... ha!

Recent films I have loved... Coraline, Revolutionary Road, Frost/Nixon. I loved Coraline, I thought it was a real old school kind of animated film, it reminded me of the animation that was made in the seventies in a way, but with all the darkness and cleverness of right now. I have a list of films I want to see... It's winter, so this is the best time to stay in and watch films right?

I have really good intentions about getting ready for Christmas, but as usual everything might get left until the last minute. I'm trying to be as ethical as possible, and not spend vast amounts of money on crap, or vast amounts of money to line the pockets of the big shops. So far, I have bought Oxfam unwrapped, books from small publishers and handmade crafts at etsy. But it is hard because it is so easy to do a big amazon shop or go wild in accessorize, marks and spencers, etc. I've decided that a balance is the right way to go about it, give moderately, try and buy as ethically as I can, buy from little independents where I can, and donate a little to charity as a way of remembering that a lot of people are in a tough place and this time of year makes it harder...

There's lots more I could say, but I will save it for another day. Thanks for all the comments on previous blogs by the way, I don't always reply, but it means a lot, and I value what people have to say...x

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Rachel Fox said...

We all loved 'Coraline' too. Bewitching! All the extras on the dvd are worth a look too.

And hanging onto positivity...boy, do I know that one!