Saturday, 7 November 2009

the week in realisations...

Muddy wellies are the best kind of wellies. These are my pink polka dots, fresh from three hours on the allotment... It was muddy down there after five days of almost constant rain, and I was covered in mud after filling my new compost bin that I found with surprise when I arrived this morning. Two of the guys had built it for me during the week, how nice it that! Now, the compost bin is almost full. I stripped out tonnes of weeds and old plants, pulled out couch grass from around the raspberries, discovered a gooseberry plant hidden under loads of elbow high weeds, and drank lots of tea. There was a tin of gingerbread in the hut today and we had a few breaks for strong tea and cake.

Stevie Wonder is a genius. He has brightened up my week no end. I bought his definitive collection from ebay and have been playing it when I've got in from work, dancing and foot-tapping. I am in love with 'I don't know why', it must be one of the most emotional songs ever written, and the way he sings it, wow. I've realised that my ideal man is Stevie Wonder circa 1969. If only

It's hot chocolate weather again. I mean hot chocolate is the drink for all seasons, but especially winter, cosy nights in when it's cold or raining outside, cosy cafes in the dark evenings, cosy bars with a friend on Wednesday nights having the most lovely chats.

I've realised that cats become more snuggly in winter. A friend of mine said it's only because they want to be warmer, but my theory is that cats like to cuddle in the winter. Sissy has been getting under the covers and cudding up to my belly in the night, she wants her belly tickling, she wants to be curled up on my knee, and is never far away, after a summer of independance and being constantly outdoors. I feel like my little kitten has come home.

It has been a mixed week, mostly good. A few difficult things, but I've been holding on to the good things and saying thank you thank you thank you that the anxiety has eased.


susan stewart said...

Love to read your blog, Annie. The allotment crowd sound great! There's something about being out in the sunlight - even though it is witner sunlight - that lifts the spirits. How did Sissy cope with Bonfire Night? Sammy and Mini were terrified and kept under beds, and behind cupboards. As for your love of Stevie Wonder - I can understand that. 'I don't know why' has a breathless desperation about it that goes direct to the soul. Powerful and emotional. I must find it on Youtube now!

Megan said...

keep cosy Annie x