Sunday, 22 November 2009

Real Post

I've had a lovely two weeks thanks to the postman.

Firstly, a lovely print copy of Unsaid Undone, which has been available as a free download on the flax books website and is now also available as a print version for £5. It has some short shorts by me, and short fiction by Andrew Michael Hurley, John Siddique, Marita Over and Brindley Hallam Dennis. Of course, I have read it online already, but how nice to be sent a print copy. A nice unexpected surprise.

Then, my two copies of the latest Succour Magazine arrived... which I had a lovely flick through while drinking a cup of redbush tea when I got in from work. My four prose poems look great. I love Succour for the brilliant quality paper, print and design. It's classy, you know, and it has that new paper smell that is just pure pleasure. I've loved the poems/shorts by Shaunagh Darling Robertson and John Clegg.. brilliant, and yet more to discover...

On the same day, I had a surprise package from my friend Melissa with a copy of her latest book Patterns of Mourning. Lovely cover, and wonderfully rich, complex poetry that explores her own experience of mental ill-health. She wrote the book when she was going through a 'Mixed Affective Episode' and it says on the back of her book:

It was composed on the underside of letters, the backs of my hands and arms and all over my clothes, on train tickets, in public computer terminals, on walls, hotel, hostels, hospital wards, on platforms in train stations, during painting classes, at my mother's house when I was lost

Wow, makes me want to read cover to cover. But you know Melissa's poetry is for short periods of immersion I think, it is so raw and multi-layered and intense. I will take my time with it.

On top of that, I received a dress from the catalogue (expected) and a £10 gift card from Sainsbury's (out of the blue)... Wow, I feel so pleasedto have so much real post... even better than when I have a crazy ebay or amazon spree...


Megan said...

What a lot of lovely reading Annie.
May the gifts keep coming,
m x

Sarah Hymas said...

maybe it's all backlog from the time when no post was getting through to you

Michelle said...

Real post is the best!

Congratulations for the prose poems in Succour, Annie. Well done you.

Melissa's collection sounds fascinating. I love the cover too!