Friday, 23 October 2009

Digging etc

I've been to the allotment twice this week. Tuesday, I did some digging, but soon got rained off. A little bit of rain is fine, but when it starts plastering hair to your face, and everything around you is turning to mud, I think it's time to pack up and go and get a cup of tea.

Yesterday was a much better day. I was there for four hours. The first half an hour was a bit hard going. I was thinking, there's no way I can manage this allotment by myself, blah blah. Anyway, a few cups of tea in the allotment hut with some of my allotment neighbours soon sorted that out. 'Little and often' was the advice, as well as 'don't kill yourself working too hard' and 'set small targets'. I have to say that cups of tea in the allotment hut is one of the best things about having an allotment. There is a lot of banter and chatter and advice shared, and I now have my very own key to the hut!

I helped shovel and barrow a load of manure, as there was a big stinking delivery. But mostly I was digging. I had help yesterday as well, a friend came and did a couple of hours digging with me. We have cleared an amazing amount of ground, and pulled out the biggest pile of weeds and grass, that is now festering in a makeshift compost heap in the corner of my plot. Hurray...

I'm wondering whether to start an allotment blog, or is that just weird...?

I'm going to do a short visit today, as I have to say that I'm aching a little from yesterday.

This week has been very up and down. But the good things...
1. watching the film Up with my mum and dad, which is brilliant animation, very good fun, endearing and uplifting.
2. not winning an award at the Manchester Blog Awards, but loving the fact that Emily of My Shitty Twenties won two awards.
3. seeing Jenn Ashworth read from her new novel at the blog awards... her reading was fab, and I'm so looking forward to reading her book (once published).
4. the lovely vegetable soup I made for tea last night and sharing it with a lovely friend.


kim mcgowan said...

The eccentric sheds and the cups of tea people enjoy sitting on their idiosyncratic chairs always make me long for an allotment – it looks so much more jolly than being in your own garden.

sonia said...

Can't believe how different your plot is already looking. Well done. The mud looks a gorgeous colour(it's amazing what you discover can give you pleasure). Look forward to hearing more about allotment whether here or on new blog.

Megan said...

Some lovely things Annie, hope the downs are lifting,
m xx

Michelle said...

Allotment 28b sounds so therapeutic, Annie. You've been in my thoughts this week x

Anonymous said...

Thank you and take care xx