Tuesday, 20 October 2009

back to a few literary things...

Just to balance out the see-saw that is my blog/life at the moment, I wanted to focus on books, writing and literature for a moment. After all, this is why my blog exists, n'est pas?

I have a new review in The Short Review. There are some excellent collections and anthologies of short fiction on review this month, so many exciting short story writers and publishers out there... I need a second income to be able to afford everything I want to buy. I reviewed Samuel Ligon's Drift and Swerve, a gripping collection of short stories which I described as:
the best weekend you've ever had, without the hangover or having to face your friends wondering what on earth you did to upset them.

This quote doesn't give you much insight into the writing, more how it felt to read the stories, but if you fancy finding out more, have a read of my review... and buy a copy, it's definately worth the dollars.

I also have a couple of mini reviews in Sphinx Magazine, both are reviews of poetry chapbooks (each chapbook is reviewed by three seperate reviewers). Chapbooks hardly ever get reviews so have a little browse on the site, you never know you might find a brilliant little chapbook for as little as three quid, and they make excellent presents... I reviewed Greg McBride's Back of the Envelope and In the Little House by Jenn Habel, both very different... interesting too how my fellow reviewers (male) had a quite different take on the Jenn Habel chapbook.

Erm, what else? I have a number of books to review, but haven't done it yet (sorry editors...). I finished reading The Night Watch by Sarah Waters. Brilliant. What more can I say? I have been a very slow reader these last few weeks, but I have started a new book yesterday, short fiction, and it suits my attention span a little better.

Two of my favourite literature festivals are on at the moment. Lancaster Litfest and Manchester Literature Festival. They both have some very exciting events on. I'm not sure whether I'll get to many of them, but I urge you to go and tell me about it.

I did, however, go to a writing workshop on Saturday in Lancaster. It was described as a fringe event of Litfest. A workshop run by Eliza Mood, at the Alexandria Gallery at the University of Cumbria, where there is an exhibition of work by artist Andrew Ratcliffe. His work is figurative, detailed, at times graphic. I didn't know his work before the workshop, but it was fascinating to wander around the gallery, focusing on different paintings, writing poems/short shorts, and then sharing with the others, seeing what other people had picked up. I wrote some very short character observations and a short story. Very inspirational.

Anyway, off to the allotment for some digging...

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Ruth said...

Hi Annie,
I feel bad for admitting this, and it's not for lack of effort, but I have just got round to finally buying and reading Winter Hands. I have been meaning to since your Flax launch! Shocking. Anyway - I love it! It's brilliant, so original. You're very talented, and I find your writing really inspiring. So, thank you. I hope you're feeling better and that the allotment is helping and not just giving you trowel-blisters.