Friday, 25 September 2009

Reading at Bolton Octagon with Chris Killen...

I'm very pleased about this. I've been invited to read at Bolton Octagon as part of the University of Bolton's Literature Live programme

Here is a picture of Chris Killen's book, and the blurb from the website
Chris Killen's first novel, The Bird Room, was published early in 2009. He is a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing at The University of Manchester and shortly after the publication of his novel, became writer in residence at the Centre for New Writing.

He won the 2007 Manchester Literary Festival's Blog Award for his innovative fiction site Day of Moustaches, which includes a 100-chapter 'supermarket nightmare' novel written on a chapter-a-day basis, and is a fiction editor at 3:AM magazine. He is working on his second novel, Indoor Fireworks.

Here is a lovely picture of Chris...I've met Chris a few times before, mainly through his live lit night no point in not being friends, but also at other lit events around Manchester. We read together once before at the launch of Comma's short story anthology Brace in which we both have a story.

It will be great to read alongside him.

Here is the blurb about me from the website (which you probably already know, but just in case you don't):

Annie Clarkson is a poet, social worker and short fiction writer from Manchester. Her first chapbook of prose poems Winter Hands was published by Shadow Train Books in 2007. Her writing has been published in many anthologies and magazines, including Unsaid Undone (Flax Books), and Brace (Comma Press). She blogs at

Tickets are £4 and can be ordered on the thatre's website (click above).

I have already planned what I want to wear. I'll be wearing these new shoes and a new dress, which matches the shoes. I haven't decided what to read yet. Probably a mixture of tiny short stories and prose poems, a mix of old and new, and I might give it a Lancashire theme, as in my mind Bolton is still in Lancashire (even though it's officially in Greater Manchester).

Please come along and support us. It will be lovely to see you there. If you do come along, come and say hi afterwards and tell me what you think, because I might be a little nervous, and often at these events people just disappear and I end up driving home thinking, gosh, did people like it, did I read the right things, was it good enough? We'll be signing books so you could buy a book from us, and if you say hi, I read your blog forgetting the time, I will do a little discount and do a special signature.

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Megan said...

ooh, it sounds great Annie. So wish I could be there. Plus I love the shoes. You could do a little tapdance in the middle,
m xxx