Saturday, 5 September 2009

a list of everything to do with me right now...

So, I have a new review up at Bookmunch... Ali Smith's The first person and other stories is an interesting collection of short fiction, in my humble opinion, she is one of the best British short story writers around.
Many of the short stories in this collection are like this, wonderfully odd. They play with ideas of short story, narrative, and point of view, at the same time as exploring the most interesting ‘what if’ questions, and small intimate moments in characters lives.

I have another review in the brilliant September issue of The Short Review. Now, anthologies of short fiction can be a little hit or miss for me, but this One World is a find. I hope to discover more about these brilliant writers in the months to come, particulrly Petina Gappah and Elaine Chiew. Wow.


Inglourious Basterds, Broken Embraces, The Wrestler. Three brilliant films I've seen in the past two weeks. Yes yes yes. Broken Embraces especially, I love Almodovar films and los abrazos rotos is so beautiful.

The first of two pieces of lovely post was from Sue Guiney. A while ago she posted a blog called Pay it Forward, a wonderful offer where she would people something lovely if they promised to blog about it. I forgot about it, and then out of the blue, a package landed on my doorstep. She sent me a lovely card, a copy of her book, and a pendant. It truly made my day. So, I am offering this out to three people. Post a comment to say yes please, then email me your snail mail address and sometime in the future I will send you a little something out of the blue, so you too can pass on the kindness by writing about it on your blog, and making this offer to three people.

Another surprise through the post. The wonderful short fiction writer and poet, Josephine Rowe sent me her new book. Some time ago I reviewed her her collection East of Here, Close to Water on The Short Review. She emailed me to ask whether she could use a quote from my review on the back cover of her new book, which of course I was delighted to say yes. Again, I forgot about this, and now, months later, she has kindly sent me a copy of her beautiful new book, wrapped in brown paper straight from Australia. I can't wait to read it.

I had a lovely time at Geraldine Green's last weekend. We went to Solfest to read poetry in the wonderful Spoken Word tent, but inbetween we walked playing chasey stick with Roy in the woods, ate carrot cake, and sat by the fire chatting, or reading. It was a wonderful escape.

7. While I was there I read the first chapter of Simon Schama's The Power of Art. I never imagined reading this book, but it drew me to it on the bookshelf with it's striking cover. I thought I might flip through and look at the pictures, but got hooked into his wonderful style of writing, thoroughly engaging and so interesting. I read the chapter on Carravagio, which was brilliant, I never knew that religious art could be so interesting. I'm now bidding on ebay hoping to get a copy, so I can read more more more...

8. Personally, it's not been the easiest of months, but so is life sometimes. I haven't been writing at all, but hope once things settle more I might get a little inspiration. In the meantime, I am eating lots of cake, reading brilliant books, watching X-factor (I know, shame on me, but I can't resist, it's so entertaining), singing and all my usual day to day things. I've booked some reflexology to help me with migraines and other things. I've booked on a sewing class so I can learn to fix things, make things, and sew pretty whatever I happen to want. And everything will potter along and hopefully September will turn out a little more settled.


Tania Hershman said...

I'm sorry you haven't had a great month, but good on you for posting such a positive, joyful blog post. It sounds like you are doing just what you need to do to pull yourself out of it a bit. Cake, reflexology, sewing, great books and films. Yup!

SueG said...

It's great to be part of such a wonderful list. So glad you liked your package. And I hope things settle down for you soon. Sometimes we need to back away from some parts of our "reality" and just rest. God knows, I need that from time to time and just did it for a month or two this summer. I'm feeling better and hope you will be soon, too. xo

Sarah Hymas said...

Here's to September!
Chink Chink


annie clarkson said...

thanks Sarah, Sue, Tania xx

Elizabeth Baines said...

Hope September's great for you, Annie. And thanks for giving us so many things to relish, even while things have been less than brilliant for you!