Sunday, 13 September 2009

Kindness (and a giveaway)

Last year, when my relationship with J ended, it was at times a bit of a struggle. It's difficult sometimes to work out why things happen the way they do, and how to repsond to them. My answer, or one of my answers, was kindness.

My philosophy was that if we all try and be kinder on a day to day basis, then the world would surely be a nicer place. Simple, yes. There is nothing complicated about it. Be kind and it will make people feel good, me feel good, and maybe perhaps it would spread.

At Christmas I was given a beautiful diary, and I never use a diary outside of work, using my mobile or outlook instead. So, I decided to start writing down good things that had happened, gratitudes, and kindnesses. It was my way of focusing on the positive, and remembering to be grateful for what I've got instead of wanting more or different.

Reaching September, I look back through this diary and see all kinds of brilliant, wonderful things - how much I have enjoyed some of the simple things in life, days out with friends, good films, books, walks, and some of the kindnesses I have tried to do for other people.

This fell away a little in August. I've felt as though I had less energy to send outside myself, and needed it for me. SO, the kindness has dropped off a little, and now I want to redress the balance.

Sue Guiney posted a blog called Pay it Forward, a while ago. A wonderful offer where she would send three people something lovely through the post if they promised to blog about it, and offer this to another three people.

So, now, I'm offering this out to three people. Post a comment to say yes please, then email me your snail mail address and sometime in the future I will send you a little something/s out of the blue. Don't mind where in the world you are, and I will tailor my surprise to something I think you will enjoy.


Megan said...

(I really hope you're ok)

green ink said...

Yes please.

What a lovely thought Annie - you have warmed my heart and day just by logging on and reading this :D xx

emma said...

Hi Annie,

What a lovely and inspiring way to look at the world. Sometimes it's too easy to forget the good stuff.

Yes please! Count me in.

Emma xx

annie clarkson said...

Hi Megan,
yes, I'm really ok... I promise. do you want to be one of my three...?

Hi Phillipa, thanks so much, email me your smail mail address and you're counted in... my email is

Hi Emma, you are counted in...

one more person needed just one more...

Kate said...

Oh that is so lovely! Please can I be counted if I am not to late?

Kate x

annie clarkson said...

Kate, you are my number three... send me your snail mail address, and I will post you something, sometime soon...

Michelle said...

As a previous recipient of one of Annie's thoughtful giveaways, I can confirm you're in for a real treat.

Yes, kindness, Annie. It's so simple.