Tuesday, 8 September 2009

800 words

I started writing a story today, in response to a photograph that I found very dull. It's strange how sometimes inspiration develops from the most uninspiring things. I sat down and started typing, and then got interrupted by the phone. When I came back, I discovered I'd written 800 words without even thinking about it. I really like the idea, the stem of a story that is quirky, interesting, and one I want to keep writing to find out what happens.

It feels good. It's been ages! It's also the longest piece I've written in a while, as most of my writing has been 100 word or 200 word short shorts. I love them, but sometimes there is something beautiful in the freedom of writing a longer piece than this.


Megan said...

Wonderful. There's a story that's demanding to be written

green ink said...

I love it when you just sit down and write with no expectations, and you end up accomplishing a lot. Well done!!

Michelle said...

800 words! Good God, that's practically a novella ;)