Sunday, 30 August 2009

my giddy aunt

Just back from a weekend in Cumbria, including my first ever festival readings at Solfest.

The spoken word events were organised by the lovely Ann Wilson, and took place in a lovely tent called 'My Giddy Aunt's tent' on both Saturday and Sunday. Ann invited me along to read with her and such a lovely bunch of poets. There was Geraldine Green, James Knight, Dominic Berry, Rod Tame, Sarah Miller, a lovely mix I thought of performance and page poets.

We whooped. We read. We clapped. There were loads of people wandering in and out to listen to our readings, including someone dressed as a carton of milk, many very cute kids, and a few people who looked worse for wear. It was a wonderful festival feel, grassy smells, tent billowing in the wind and a right crowd that piled in when the heavens opened and it started to rain.

One of my highlights were reading my poem 'Bruise' which is about domestic abuse, and having a three year old boy come and stand right in front of me. I got the giggles, and everyone else laughed, and he kept running up to me, so that in the end, I asked his name, and then carried on reading my poem with him staring up at me.

Other highlights were, James Knight's poem 'I got 99 problems but the kitchen aint one', Dominic Berry's very theatrical performance and the shouting of aubergine, the dr who theme tune moment before Rod came on stage, Sarah Miller's brilliant poems about her grandad and her chav love song, Geraldine's Sulphur Beach poem, Ann's poem about snot, actually many of her poems as she is such an engaging performer and balances a beautiful mixture of poems for kids, uplifting poems, sad poems, and banter.

I loved reading there it was a lovely atmosphere, the stage and tent were beautiful, sigh. I mean the weather was a bit poor, typical British August bank holiday rain, wind and clouds. But everything else was fab, festival food, my polka dot wellies, the mud, the usual crazy stuff like people on stilts, fancy dress, hippy stalls, happy drunks, flags everywhere, dancing, la la la.


New said...

I had a great time too. That little boy and your reaction to him was brilliant....get those poetry fans whilst they're young I say!
Sarah xx

anniemacguire said...

Sounds like great fun. And what a mix of talent: stilt walkers AND poetry!

Ann said...

Thanks for coming and reading Annie, I love seeing you performing your work, you're an absolute star. Hope to see you again soon, Ann xx

Megan said...

Sounds completely fabulous Annie
Congratulations xx