Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Interview with brilliant NZ novelist Eleanor Catton

A few weeks ago I reviewed Eleanor Catton's debut novel The Rehearsal for Bookmunch...

Since then I have been busy thinking of all the questions I would want to ask her about writing, success, inspiration, life, scandal, being 23... I had to narrow them down as I had far too many questions to ask her, and some of them were just damn nosy.

I liked doing this interview. Interesting what Eleanor says at the start of the interview about the intensity of writing a novel (Oh what writers put themselves through!).

I wrote the bulk of the novel in quite a short period of time – about eighty thousand words in eight months – and during that time I really immersed myself in the novel’s world. I got glandular fever towards the end of the year and it took about a month of fevers and shivering before I realised that my symptoms weren’t actually novel-related, and I was genuinely ill.

You can read my interview on Bookmunch here

And if you missed my review of The Rehearsal here it is.

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Michelle said...

A wonderful interview, Annie and Eleanor. Thank you!