Friday, 31 July 2009

small bits of news...

Small bits of news and small successes keep me going...

like, having two pieces of writing accepted by the gorgeous Ouroboros Review for their winter issue, two of my recent prose poems, one about rain, another about dancing.

like, being invited to read at Solfest in Cumbria at the end of August, where I get to mingle with poets and musicians, and camp out for the weekend, and enjoy everything on offer.

like, reading two prose poems at an event tonight.

Tonight, was a reading run by Manchester Poet Dave Puller at Barnabus Emporium.

It was to raise money for a small local charity called Barnabus, who are a Christian organisation working in the city centre with homeless people, and people involved in prostituion. They run a day centre with all kinds of activities, do street outreach work at night, giving out food, etc, and they also do some work in two local prisons.

The event took place in their new charity shop and cafe on Wilmslow Road in Withington. It was such a lovely night, a small crowd of people, a lovely cafe in the basement with gorgeous hot chocolate and homemade cakes, poems and a singer-songwriter. Money was raised. Poetry was shared and there was a really nice vibe there, friendly, political in a non-antagonistic way. It was really nice to be invited to read my two prose poems.

These small events are such a joy, they keep me going, inspire my writing, make me feel like a writer. I suppose it is affirmation.

It has inspired me to send four prose poems to Succour magazine for their latest call for submissions on 'The Banal'. Deadline is 21st August, and Succour is a wonderful print magazine, very slick, good writing, well designed.

It has inspired me to want to write more about 'Dolly', a character that appeared in a prose poem recently. Dolly functions at much less than her age. She is an adult, but has childlike qualities. She lives in a street that has been mostly boarded up. She has a very vivid imagination. Or is she just more sensitive to what is happening around her than the rest of us? I like the idea of having characters that reappear in other stories or prose poems.

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It was good to see you at the Barnabus night, and I'm pleased you enjoyed it too. I still get moved when I read or hear your Dolly piece - the community she was in before, and now she's lost it, and tries to comfort herself by imagining comforting the barking dog across the road. x