Friday, 31 July 2009

migraine friday

I won't be performing tonight at the Briton's Protection. My head feels like it's been slightly cracked open down one side and I was sick earlier. I'm in bed at the moment in dressing gown feeling very sorry for myself.

Today was supposed to have been my last day in my old job, my leaving lunch and a very lovely time with friends. As it is, I've slept half the day and had a bit of a panic attack. So, boo hiss to a bad day.

I can't face going to the shops yet, although I am a little hungry which is surely a good sign.


Nik Perring said...

Sorry to hear your day's been a shitty one. Hugs.


Megan said...

Get better Annie!
Sending love and a healthy apetite and many positive vibes xx


I'm sorry, Annie, and I hope you're better now. x

writer for hire said...

Oh dear.

Migraine. Terrible.
Get thee to an apothecary.

(ZOMIG works for me)

Eryl Shields said...

Hello Annie, I saw your name on the side bar of blogger Rachel Fox and thought, 'is that the Annie Clarkson I met at Lumb Bank in the summer of 2006?' And so it is, and, apart from not feeling well, you seem to be doing very well indeed. Lovely to see that.

Michelle said...

Hope your first week is going well, Annie.