Saturday, 16 May 2009

poetry on the edge of my seat

I loved Poets and Players this afternoon. A free poetry event is such a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and as usual the upper gallery at the Whitworth was packed out for another great reading.

I was especially drawn to Helen Mort's reading from her pamphlet the shape of every box and more recent poems. I managed to buy a copy of it, a 20 poem pamphlet by Tall-Lighthouse, and it is beautiful.

I also loved poems read by Amanda Dalton and just can't wait until her next collection is published. I found myself leaning forward and sitting on the edge of my chair when she read some extracts from a long poem with two parallel narratives, one about feral children, the other about a girl who watches a dog-man and his dogs living in the wood, and she slowly turns into a dog. My description barely does it any justice. There was something guttural and compelling about it, I wanted her to read the whole sequence. But, also like the fact I am left wanting more.

Hmm. It made me hungry and excited about poetry, even more so than usual.

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Michelle said...

Amanda Dalton's How To Disappear is on my list of books to order, so I'll definitely get a copy now.