Tuesday, 12 May 2009

An Award...!

How lovely. Tania Hershman has given me a little award for my blog. Thank you Tania.

And so, the requirement is for me to write seven things I love:

1. the way my cat crawls under the bed covers and snuggles up
2. every Tuesday night when I go to choir practice and sing gospel
3. the sound of my shoes on the gravel when I go out to water my plants
4. bluebells in the woods
5. my homemade banana bread
6. the smell of cut grass in the rain
7. kisses

and I am going to give an award to seven creative blogs that I love

1. a small stone
2. peony moon
3. Tinkering Times
4. Sarah's Writing Journal
5. Megan Taylor
6. Applehouse Poetry Workshop
7. The Illustrated World of Nicki Pinder


Megan said...

How fab, there I was about to comment on how much I love those things too, and then there you are, liking my blog! Thank you Annie(I love that too)

Michelle said...

Thank you, sweets. I love forgetting the time too!

Sarah Salway said...

Thank you SO much, Annie. I'm very chuffed, especially coming from you x