Sunday, 17 May 2009

100 readers

I am one of 100 readers of Fiona Robyn's The Blue Handbag. She has sent out ten copies of her book, which will each be read by ten readers.

She is tracking the progress of these books on her site 100 readers, so we find out what parts of the world they reach, the kind of people who read them. Each of the 100 readers is interviewed by Fiona, a mix of questions about her readers, our lives and also what we thought of the novel. My answers are online now with a photo of me hugging a tree, so if you want to read the interview, clickety click here.

Such an innovative idea. I'm so interested in finding out about the other 99 people involved in the project.


Megan said...

Lovely Annie!!

green ink said...

Lovely interview Annie, and even lovelier to find you!

Megan said...

ps Annie, it was my fabulous bookgroup's annual poetry evening tonight. I took along 'Teaching his Daughter to Swim' - everyone really enjoyed it.
Thank you!

annie clarkson said...

Oh how lovely, thank you both...!

Michelle said...

Really enjoyed reading your interview, Annie.