Friday, 10 April 2009


I went to a folk and poetry night yesterday For Folk's Sake at Cup on Thomas Street in Manchester. I'm afraid to say I got my times wrong and arrived late and left early. So, I can't comment on the whole event. But I did see Linda Chase read a lovely poem about Bob Dylan, two beautiful poems about living in San Francisco in a caravan, and a series of funny/moving very short poems from her books. It's an interesting (fairly) new arrival on the Manchester poetry scene, and just that little bit different.

While listening to one of the folk bands, we discovered a small (what I would describe as) 'coffee table book' of photographs /writing called Lost in the Post. It is written by a man who used to be a postman in Huddersfield, and collects some of the stories he has from the job. It is hilarious and the photographs are beautiful, including pictures of the very strange things people post into postboxes. Worth a look.

I intended to write every day this month. I have discovered Robert Lee Brewer's poetry prompts on his blog Poetic Asides. He is posting a prompt every day this month. It's already the 10th of April and I haven't done any of them. But I thought I might join in anyway. I will try a month of writing every day that progresses into May.


Dave King said...

Several interesting bits of info there - including links. Much thanks.

Michelle said...

Good luck with the prompt writing. Let us know how it goes.

Mariacristina said...

I'm laughing at the name of the event, "For folk's sake," hee!