Tuesday, 31 March 2009

interview at peony moon

I have been interviewed about my writing by poet Michelle McGrane on her wonderful litblog peony moon

She asked me all kinds of questions, about growing up in a Lancashire milltown, my work as a social worker, my creative space, my chapbook Winter Hands, the collection of short shorts I'm working on, and other little curiosities.

It is so interesting being an interviewee... some of her questions made me reflect and dig deep for answers, especially about the differences between flash fiction and prose.

I have only been interviewed once before (on The Short Review), so it felt very freeing knowing that I haven't been asked these questions before...

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Michelle said...

Oo, litblog sounds grand.

Yes, imagine being someone like Margaret Atwood or Salman Rushdie and being asked for the 256th time what your influences are! I imagine Margaret Atwood would nip that in the bud pretty quickly.

Thanks so much for your wonderful answers, Annie - and the gorgeous photographs.