Saturday, 21 February 2009

a writing prompt

As I was walking to work this morning, I noticed something quite unusual along the side of the pavement.

I thought it might make an interesting flash fiction/prose poetry writing prompt, and I have decided to share it, and offer a 'prize' to the piece of writing I like the most...

A gorgeous hardback copy of Richard Bardsley's Body Parts: The Anatomy of Love along with a copy of my chapbook of prose poems Winter Hands

So, less than 150 words - flash fiction or prose poem - in response to this picture...


Michelle said...

Fantastic idea, Annie.

angel readman said...

Lovely writing exercise annie.I'm not elligible for your competition, as I couldn't get my flash fiction down to 150 words (its 200), but I love what you're doing so I thought I'd share my response anyway :)x


I found everywhere. My gaze scraped the pavement, the slipstream of the gutter at my feet. I took off my gloves and held the dropped in my hand. The walls of my rooms were held up by buttons that let go of threads, odd playing cards- Jacks of Hearts and jokers with boot prints on their chins, singular patent-leather shoes, mittens from walls and uncaptioned photographs. I dusted off the spines of leaves with my handkerchief and took each street thing home. I wondered about the objects on my shelves, dusted each with a love that belonged to the lost. I dreamt one day I’d find a shoe’s mate, cards to create a deck, the other earring, glinting above me in a magpie’s nest.
By the park, I stopped and bent, as only I would. A scattered jigsaw lay on the ground all around me, fallen as holes in photographs of old skies. Carefully, I picked up the pieces and saw parts of a picture: my father’s half smile, a corner of my mother’s lip- and not one full smile between them. I looked at what may become a wedding ring dropped into a lake. I found these pieces and took them home, unable to assemble them without leaving holes. All I could do was keep walking, wait to find edges, to make the picture of all I’d lost complete.

annie clarkson said...

wonderful, 200 words is fine with me, I said 150 so people wouldn't write 5000... so 'around 150' I think is just wonderful, give or take..

thanks for posting this x

deemikay said...

A jigsaw sawed between path and gravel;
cut and divided and lost in each part.
But joined in piece, solved - paired and part-made.
These people are coupled, this jigsaw undone.

(31 words... well within the limit!)

PS I've enjoyed reading your blog... but I can't remember where I found it. :os

Charles Carver said...

Broken Pictures

Kids don't want them thesedays, too old fashioned, too permanent, unlike me. Knocking on the door in the cold, waiting for it to open, I don't even get Saturday's anymore. I'm listening to Hank Williams - My Son Calls Another Man Daddy. You get the picture. Standing outside the park, looking at other people's children, I didn't realize. Someone shouted, I dropped the present. Jesus, I need to get the hell out of here. I need to write something.

The Beast Outside the Park

At the rails, by the road, he sweats and shivers inside his jacket. He's dropped something by his feet. He's shaking. He must go away,but he feels it, always feels it, can't help himself. He turns and runs away, trying to break the pictures in his head.

angel readman said...

loving this x

mutherh said...

pieces of the puzzle
disparate scattered

two handsfull
pebble dashed
on the hardcore

some hand in hand
some single
some wrongly linked
one far flung
beyond the boundary

3 metal posts
the magic number
on the border


Why is the puzzle outside?
Why did we go beyond the bounds?

annie clarkson said...

I love these wonderful responses, thank you, I will keep this open for another week, and then pick the prize-winner.. hmm, this is going to be difficult