Saturday, 7 February 2009

grit in my eye

Today I was in Lancaster meeting Sarah Hymas, editor of Unsaid Undone about my five short short fictions to be published in this online book.

I am very excited as the book will be launched at the Brief Encounter Tea Room, Carnforth Train Station. Brief Encounter has to be one of my all time favourite films. The Refreshment Room, where Laura and Alec met, reopened in 2003. Oh my gosh, I can pretent to be Celia Johnson with grit in my eye reading short fiction and drinking tea all at the same time. It is my idea of heaven.

The launch will be on Thursday 2 April 7pm, and it would be so lovely to see some friendly faces. I will be reading alongside Brindley Hallam Dennis, Andrew Michael Hurley and Marita Over.

And just for the memories, here are the final scenes from Brief Encounter. *sigh*


Megan said...

Congratulations Annie! Hope you have a truly wonderful launch ( :
I'm looking forward to reading these stories very, very much

Dave King said...

Heartiest congratulations.

Michelle said...

Fabulous. *massive applause*

mutherh said...

Well done Annie. And now I'm blubbing - this is one of my all time favourite films! Don't you just want to smack Dolly?