Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Flax and the process of being edited

As some people know, I went up to Lancaster last week to talk short stories with Sarah Hymas, editor of the next online short fiction anthology by Flax Books Unsaid Undone. I wanted to say something about the process, as I'm finding it interesting. Flax are a very good publisher, (in my limited experience).

My visit to their office was to talk about the pieces, as Sarah had some editorial advice. We went through the five short shorts they have accepted, and to be honest it was so easy, as all of her suggestions made sense - small changes, some grammatical issues, and then one or two cuts. It was straightforward, I said yes, yes yes, and one or two things I came away to think about further. I had no worries about making changes, it all made sense. So the process went very smoothly.

This was similar when Jim Hinks from Comma made an editorial suggestion for my short story Lindy for the short story anthology Brace. He approached me very sensitively, and I just said yes, straight away. No quibbles.

I have probably been very lucky to have good editors.

As well as talking about the work, I was photographed for their website, we talked through details for my writer biography as they include a detailed profile on all their writers, and we recorded me reading one of the short pieces 'Reflections' which will also be on the site after the launch on April 2nd.

It felt very professional and encouraging.

Flax also have a real focus on writer development, so I have been offered a coaching session to focus on my writing goals, what I want to achieve, how, what hurdles I might face, and what help I need to develop as a writer. A great opportunity, that I grabbed with both hands. I'll write about this at the end of the month after my session. It's exactly what I need at the moment. I feel like a baby writer with potential, and this might help me grow in the right ways.

Flax have other submission deadines this year for an online poetry anthology,a bloggers anthology and an audio album. It's well worth considering if you are a writer from NW England. They've done some really exciting projects, including poster commissions (the poster of my short short Okarito is on the right).


Tania Hershman said...

It sounds like a wonderful experience, thank god for great editors. We need them, we always need them. I've had some really wonderful editing experiences, I always welcome suggestions and they are pretty much always spot on!

Lisa said...

this sounds wonderful- i cant imagine how i would be with someone editing my work......cringe !!
Lisa xx

Michelle said...

This sounds great, Annie. Yay! How wonderful to be offered a coaching session. I don't think you're a baby writer, but I know what you mean.