Sunday, 15 February 2009

Cella's Round Trip

I've discovered a great online magazine called Cella's Round Trip. There's some great poetry and flash fiction, some of it is brilliant, and each one is matched with beautiful image, be it photograph, artwork, graphic design. In Issue 1, I loved the shorts by Sara Crowley, quite hard-hitting, sad, along the lines of my own writing, yet different. Thought provoking. I also liked the poems by Arlene Ang, which I found bitter-sweet, rich, complex poems. The way she uses certain words together is beautiful I think.

In Issue 2, Frances Gapper's Slippery is a short short to die for, quite beautiful/unusual. Matt Bell's How to watch paint dry is a delight, really sinister, beautiful in the way it skirts around what we want to know about so our imagination can really work on it.

There is so much to love about this newly discovered magazine...

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Michelle said...

I've just had a quick look, Annie. Amazing artwork! I haven't read anything yet.