Saturday, 7 February 2009

Applehouse Poetry Workshop

I follow a blog called Applehouse Poetry Workshop hosted by Poet Lynne Rees. She sets the most brilliant inspiring poetry exercises, and I found out my poem Recovery is the prize poem for January... how wonderful.

I really recommend the site for her insightful comments on poems, the workshop exercises and her comments on writing poetry, including poetic form.


Here is a chicken coop with no hens.

A burnt out caravan, a tin of gasoline,
a rusting tap, three empty barrels,

standing by a corrugated shed.
Where I can hear a radio

an old transistor’s crackle and hiss.
Nobody is listening.

Cold mug of tea. Worn armchair
Pair of slippers with nobody to wear them.

I sit in the shed and stare out
at nothing, no life that I can see.

Brown furrows where there should be
leeks or carrots or beets.

Not even prickled bushes or squat trees.
Dried earth for miles. Grey sky.

Then, at the edge of my vision-
a dash of colour, a wingbeat.

It’s hard for me to see, but for a moment
on the rotting handle of a spade,

almost breathless, it flits from spade
to rusting tap to the edge of the door,

darts towards me and rests
this fleeting sign of life

on the arm of my chair.

Annie Clarkson


Lisa said...

beautiful- and congratualtions x

Michelle said...

Congratulation, Annie. "Recovery" is striking.

I'll definitely have a look at Lynne's blog. Thanks for the tip.

PS. I love the apples!