Wednesday, 4 February 2009

25 things about me

1. I make up the words to songs if I can't remember them

2. I always had a secret wish to be one of the Brontes.

3. I often only drink half a cup of tea.

4. I make a mean fruit crumble

5. I am working with an artist on some poetry posters and we have been cutting up words

6. I wish I could work part-time

7. I'm addicted to BBC period dramas, the grimmer the better

8. I talk to my cat all the time

9. Someone once called me an angel of the north and I was quietly pleased.

10. I collect buttons

11. and keep birthday cards, letters, postcards, cinema tickets, newspaper cuttings and photographs in shoe boses on top of my wardrobe.

12. Every so often I have a clear out, which takes me days, and I usually keep a lot more than I throw out.

13. I believe in reincarnation (I think)

14. I love listening to Joni Mitchell, especially Blue

15. The first photograph I ever took was of my grandad's cauliflower

16. I once hit my sister over the head with a rake and she says she still has the scars.

17. Our family love food, and often talk about the meals we've enjoyed and the ones we have yet to enjoy

18. I want to go back to New Zealand, but not on my own

19. I would like to have a collection of short short fiction published by Salt, but I haven't got enough good pieces of writing yet

20 I am reading at the Brief Encounter Tea Room Cafe at Carnforth Train Station on 2nd Apil at 7pm

21. This is very exciting as Brief Encounter is one of my favourite films, and I can pretend I am Celia Johnson having a love affair with an exciting stranger.

22. I believe that kindness is the answer to most problems.

23. I like watching foreign films, especially at the cinema

24. I can sing happy birthday to you in Spanish

25. I love rain.


Michelle said...

Lovely, Annie.

Megan said...

I once dropped a 500 page colouring book on my sister's head when she was sitting on the floor, from the top bunk bed (but her neck looks the same size to me)

I love snow!!!

Great list Annie
( :

The Dotterel said...

Ah, but which of the Brontes?

Charles Lambert said...

Yes, Blue's my favourite too!